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Maybe We Should Worry Less

Sounds super easy, but I know its one of those “better said than done” kinda things. How many of us are guilty of worry about situations, whether small or big? *raises hand* I have these moments where I worry so much and dwell on those thoughts for too long. Moments such as worry about what people… Continue reading Maybe We Should Worry Less

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The Long Bathroom and Grocery Store Trips

First off, kudos to you bloggers who can constantly post blogs on the regular. Man, do I suck at it! Between the household, kids, school work, workout and me trying not to lose my mind doing it all, I cant seem to keep up with posting on the regular. It’s like my mind draws blank… Continue reading The Long Bathroom and Grocery Store Trips

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Working on Eating that Frog!

I made the poor choice of lacking on my personal development. I went into this “giving up” stage as a coach and went back into my little bubble. Well, here I am again. And I am giving myself a fresh start. This time, I am putting more focus on myself first. I cannot simply help… Continue reading Working on Eating that Frog!