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The Brutal Truth: Why I haven’t succeeded…YET



I always admire looking at the success of others and seeing all of their hard work pay off. Most of those who are an inspiration to me are small business owners, high ranked Beachbody Coaches, and people who have had huge success during their weight loss journey.

Looking at their success often makes me reflect on my successes. Sure, I’ve succeeded in quite a few things in my life and I am proud of it all. But as for major success in my business and health journey, I’ve got quite some work to do. I can be honest and come to terms that I am the reason why I haven’t reached my goals yet. As with any aspect, we are in control of our own life. Now that I see what and who the problem is for the lack of success, I can move forward.

Here are the 3 most important reasons why I haven’t succeeded yet:

  1. Lack of belief: I have a few moments where I am confident that I will be the one who reaches their goals..through hard work of course. Then when I hit a couple bumps in the road, I doubt myself and fall back into old habits. I do believe that I can succeed through consistent work, I just have to remind myself of that when the going gets tough.
  2. Consistency: Or lack of should I say. This has to be the major reason why my goals have not been met. As mentioned above, it happens when I hit the rough parts of my journey. I know, “push past the hurt, pain, etc”.  While I have done that before, after some time I still ended up falling off the wagon.
  3. Fear: This plays into the two above. I mostly have a fear of failure and the thoughts of peers. We all know that fear is what holds most (if not all) of us from diving in to some aspects of our lives.

Facing the music is what I need the most.  Even though I am new to blogging this was still difficult to type and put out there to the world. But you know what is awesome? I can move forward from now on.





That is how I will reclaim my journey in my business and my health & fitness journey. Its okay to speak life into your journey but the action needs to follow it. I hope my truth can touch a nerve with someone and help them in their own success. It sure has touched my nerves.

Now, I’ve got some work to do people!

-Natalie Rains


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