Mommy Life

Mommying so hard!

Its been an awesome journey being a mom of 3! Overall at least. I have a total of 4 kids I’m taking care of; my 16 yo brother 7 & 4 year old sons, and a 4 month old daughter.

Here’s the scoop on these nuggets of mine.

The teenager is well… a teenager. He camps out in his room and the only reasons he gets out is for food and to use the bathroom. Oh, and if I ask him to come down. I could only imagine how much less we would see him if he had a fridge and a bathroom in that room up there. *rolls eyes*

Hes a pretty chill kid though. Fascinated with anime, nerd guns, Minecraft, and you know all the fun stuff that doesnt include school and finding a job. Most days we are cool but other moments I feel like this:


However, 1 out of many reasons why I love my brother is because of his caring and helping heart. We could butt heads one minute and the next he’s asking if I need any help with anything. Raising a teenager who is also your brother comes with many challenges but I sure wouldnt change a thing about him.

Then there is my 7 year old and 4 year old boys! These two are my babies! My 7 year old big boy Alistair is such a great big brother towards his siblings. He’s a gifted child who is creative, smart, and has a sensitive soul like momma. And my 4 year old Maverick? He is my affectionate strong willed child! He’s very independent and is always giving his sister and I kisses and hugs. Seriously, this kid is extra loveable! He’s shy and quick to mean mug some people who rub him the wrong way (or simply someone he doesnt know) When something doesnt go his way or someone is mean to him, ohh there’s a totally different side of him! Together these two are like white on rice, but as expected these brothers fight every now and then too.

Oh and the littlest babe! She has to be the most adored person in the whole house! The boys cant get enough of her. They are always giving her kisses and hugs and telling her how much they love her. It’s great! Though sometimes I have to tell them to give her some space. ESPECIALLY while shes napping. Amethyst is a pretty easy going baby though, full of smiles and only cries when she wants the boob or when she needs a diaper change. Hopefully she stays this calm and joyful for a while. hehe.

Motherhood comes with different moods and styles every day. Sometimes I am super calm and zen (which is mostly my goal every day) but as a mom I go through that frustration of repeating myself too much, then ya know..

I have my moments where I am the super crafty pinterest mom, then other moments where I’d rather just sit around and do nothing (which is darn near impossible some days)


But hey, all of this comes with the job. The good, the bad and the ugly. And I would change none of it. My little ones strive me to become my best. They are who my husband and I live for!


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