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Late Post: Our Gem is here!

Okay so I am about  3 weeks late, not including the fact that I did no blogging since my announcement post!

Here’s a quick catch-me-up on my pregnancy:

I had a fairly healthy pregnancy but was still considered high risk from the beginning due to the following:

  • Vanishing twin that was noted at about 9 weeks
  • Previous history of Gestational diabetes and pre-eclamsia in my previous pregnancies

At 27 weeks I took the stupid gross orange juice for the glucose test and a couple days later they diagnosed me with Gestational Diabetes. The sugar levels were so high there was no need to do a 3hr test.

Due to a lack of timing, they quickly put me on oral medicine for only 3 days and then I was moved to insulin. From then on till the end of my pregnancy I dealt with a borderline to high fasting number so I had to up my insulin dose every day until I met the “magic number”

Problem was, I would get great numbers many days, then back to high numbers despite upping my dosage. As mentioned before, this went on and on until the day of giving birth!

Since I was high risk and live on a military base in Japan that has no birthing center, I had to take a good ole’ 6+hr train ride to Yokosuka where the Naval Hospital is located. I arrived there at 37weeks because of a scare of Cholestasis (thank goodness I didnt have it). When my family and I arrived in Yokosuka it was all a waiting game until the scheduled c section at 38w2d.

And out she came! Amethyst Iris Rains was born on June 19th at 0800!  It was a lovely experience. I was so nervous but the staff at the hospital were amazing and settled my nerves. The first thing the doctor and nurses mention was how big she and her hair!


8 lbs 15oz! What a chunk! : D


Recovery went well, though I did have high blood pressure  issues post delivery. I was discharged with meds to lower it. Amethyst had a couple low blood sugar numbers but they were fine afterwards.

We have been home for a little over two weeks and I think the most adorable thing is that her big brothers are so in love with her! They are constantly staring at her and calling her cute or giving her kisses. So so sweet!


And ohh of course we cant forget about daddy being so excited about having his baby girl!


She is 3 weeks old and has been such a joy to our family!


Well there you have it!

While I am still recovering from birth I am excited about going back to my fit journey when I am cleared by my doctor!

Thank you all for reading, now I have to go because my baby is crying for the boob!



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