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And it Rains again!

Was that too cheesy?

Maybe it was. We have that type of last name where it’s appropriate to have cheesy sayings like that. hehe.

Well, we are more than halfway into this pregnancy! I didn’t blog about it because I wanted to wait until second trimester, then I kept forgetting to make a post about it. Pregnancy brain has been in full effect over the past couple months.

I announced on Facebook earlier this month by posting a new profile picture.


Thanks to Pinterest, I saw the general idea for this “movie like” announcement and just had to do it! My husband and I kinda felt famous afterwards.

Estimated due date is July 1st, but with previous Csections and history, this baby might be another June babe! Funny how the Universe works. Both my boys are summer babes. My 6 year old Alistair’s birthday is on July 16th, and my 3 year old son Maverick’s is June 18th. There has been slight paranoia at the thought of this baby making an appearance on his birthday. I just need them to have separate days, ya know? lol.

Here’s a little bit of how this started, and the journey so far:

We were wanting a 3rd child months before, so in July of last year I got my Paragard  IUD taken out. In August, we started actively trying. We were not actively trying for that long, but after two months i was getting real sick of the Ovulation tests, timing of sex, checking the cervical mucus, all that “fun” stuff. It became a bit stressful.Then I realized that when we were trying for our second son Maverick, we tried for 6 months after a miscarriage and then I was like eff it, lets just have fun. Whatdoyaknow! That month of having fun was when I got pregnant! So in October we had fun and I didnt do any crazy tracking. Then to my surprise I tested in the bathroom a day before my period and it came up positive! Woohoo! I was beyond excited!!

I kept it a secret from my husband for two days until I finally found a cute way of announcing. One of my close friends was able to put the words “Big Brother Coming Soon on July 2017” on one of Maverick’s shirts. During the nightly routine I asked Maverick if he needed help putting on his new shirt(knowing that he would because if he tried it himself he would lose his mind). After he said yes I told him to go to daddy for help. My husband  helped put the shirt on and when he read the shirt he came towards me with the biggest smile! In his words, “I knew it!”

I was almost 10 weeks when I had my first ultrasound. I have to say, being a mother who has experienced a loss before, the wait was nerve wracking! During my appointment the doctor had lots to talk to me about (because of previous health complications during pregnancy) but first, she wanted to do an ultrasound. I was so nervous and ready for her to just tell me she saw the heartbeat! She looked around and there was a bit of an awkward silence. Then she said, well here is the baby, and I got to see the little gummy bear! After being excited about it, I felt so relieved. Then there was more silence and she said “I’m seeing twins”. I don’t think I’ve ever been so shocked in my life!! That feeling of shock got even more intense when my OB said that the other twin didnt have a heartbeat.

Here I was confused in my thoughts. I wasn’t expecting a twin pregnancy at all, but my heart was torn for the “vanishing twin”. I had mixed feelings for a few days, and later on was able to cope well.

At 18weeks6days I went out in town (Reminder: I live in Japan) and got my anatomy scan done! So many feelings were passing about the gender, but I’m glad that I didnt announce on social media about my pregnancy yet. We purposely wanted to wait to find out the gender. Having two boys, I often got the “You NEED a girl” “You are outnumbered” comments. I got those comments when I was pregnant with little Maverick. It was like having another boy wasnt as exciting as having a girl. Or that my boys weren’t ENOUGH because they didnt have a sister. Even though I’m sure no one meant it that way, but I refused to deal with outside comments without knowing the gender. It was an easier way to cope and  I do not regret waiting. Besides, the bond my boys have is incredible! I wouldnt change it for the world. Anyways, the japanese were awesome and when asked if I wanted to find out the gender I nervously said “Hai”.


And she said it was a girl! Holy smokes! I was in awe! Here’s to hoping that she stays a she, since I already got stuff for her, and her name is pretty badass. Our boys have names that are uncommon and fit them so well, so of course this name was going to be unique!

So there it is, my pregnancy so far! Wait, I didnt mention the morning sickness, anemia, sharp pains, lack of energy, mood swings, not wanting to leave the house, insane need to fill my cravings itch and acne did I? Well, had those issues to deal with too. hehe. One of the exciting things to experience other than feeling her move, is the boys’ reaction towards her! They both love coming up to me and talking to her, or hugging her and saying how much they love her. Forgot to mention, my little Maverick was the one that was begging me to have a baby in my belly for a couple months prior to falling pregnant. He said he wanted a baby sister and would then say “please!” as if I could choose. haha. Closer to the time I took the test, instead of asking for a baby in my belly, he tol16991541_10211491115689534_3475786385672980994_od me I had a baby in my belly. So weird how kids know this stuff right? He then said he wanted a brother, but by then we had already found out the gender. It’s going to take some getting used to for all of us when we add a little girl in this crazy goofy family of ours!

Before I go, I thought I’d at least show a recent bump pic that I took yesterday. 22weeks, and every week is a celebration!

Stay awesome peeps and thanks for reading my story!




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