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Maybe We Should Worry Less


Sounds super easy, but I know its one of those “better said than done” kinda things.

How many of us are guilty of worry about situations, whether small or big? *raises hand*

I have these moments where I worry so much and dwell on those thoughts for too long. Moments such as worry about what people will think of me,  was it necessary to instantly yell at my kids they are over crying because of Minecraft, should I have done or said xyz, worrying about something I have no clue about, the list goes on.

I also have those awesome super woman moments where the worrying process starts, then I realize what I am doing, and distract myself by letting it go and moving on to another task. How magical would I be if I did that all the time?

Of course this is nothing that can be done overnight, but lets try to work on it! Letting go of people, or negative thoughts is not something that can just disappear for the worry one. Next time you find yourself worrying about something that you either cannot control, or is not worth stressing over, take a breath. Distract yourself with positive thoughts, a task that needs to be done, whatever floats your boat. Just don’t let it destroy your peace today.

Natalie Rains


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